CPA Rationale for implementing technology in support of K12 curriculum. Technology tools and curriculum should:
C: Inspire: Creativity, Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication, Creation, Cutting Edge Exploration
P: Support & Improve: Productivity, Presentation, Problem-Solving, Performance
A: Guide: Appropriate Use, Appropriate Application, Anytime-Anywhere-Anything Learning

I entered the field of education and technology integration in 1994 and during my 16 years as a Director, Teacher and Data Manager, the competitive emphasis has shifted from the boxes, types of boxes, connectivity of boxes to a competitive emphasis on how engaging, open and challenging is the educational environment in which a variety of multiple niche devices exist and what role those devices play in learning today and the immediate future.

This is a major paradigm shift as it used to simply take the technicians and money to succeed in "integrating technology" now success requires an admission that change will be a constant in the education community and technology integrators are tasked with discovering, guiding, participating and supporting the communities and their members to be successful in the dynamic and ever changing field of education.

Father's Quotes that help drive my personal work ethic:
In regards to working with tools and technology:
"Learn how it works, not just how to work it."
In regards to attending college:
"Work hard for 4 years and play the rest or your life." OR "Play for 4 years and work hard the rest of your life."

Two sides to every business:
Sales side: brings in the revenue and insures all employees have work to perform.
Operations (Performance Engine): innovates to improve and provide a quality product to the customer., If money drives you then join the sales and/or innovate and create new products, own the business.
If money is not a driver, then consider the Operations (Performance Engine).

Catalyst For Change & Change Management
I have successfully used Kurt Lewin's Change Management Model: UNFREEZE, CHANGE, FREEZE in the conversion of Student Information Systems as well as disruptive changes in processes within the organizations where I have worked.

I highly recommend reading about it at: Kurt Lewin Change Model

As a facilitator in the Decision Support Center at the Monfort College of Business, I used the following business analysis methods to assist organizations in analyzing their business operations and identifying areas for improvement and change:

Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats: SWOT Analysis
Appreiciative Inquiry: Appreciative Inquiry Commons At CASE University

I have been described as a "Can Do Guy." by Mark Ulfers, an inspirational and talented former Head of School for Frankfurt International School. In 2010 Mark moved on to the Head of School at American School of Paris .

As an avid jogger, I motivate myself to improve my time by saying: "It's the pace not the race.", recently this subtle alteration has been appearing: "It's the race not the pace.". Hmmmm....

History of civilization using the letter "C": Creation, Cultures, Confrontation, Conquering, Confrontation, Colonization, Confrontation, Construction, Confrontation, Community-Country-City, Confrontation, Competition, Confrontation, Connection, Confrontation, Communication, Confrontation, Collaboration, Comprehension, Community-Global.

QUESTION: How do we engage and excite our students about learning when the tools and skills available in schools are not as powerful as those used in the marketplace in which they live? MY ANSWER: Leverage the kids, numbers, energy and motivation, turn them loose.