School Administration Integrating Technology
ICT Assistant Director, Frankfurt International School 2010 - Present
Data Manager, Frankfurt International School 2006 - 2010

- Whipplehill Content Management System (Whipplehill) & (Frankfurt International School)
  • Implemented data transfer and configured system to provide private side operations
  • Manage vendor relations and provide technical support to school webmaster
  • Conduct and support annual rollover process.

- SIS Conversion Project SASIxp (Pearson SASIxp) - SERCO Facility (**SERCO Learning**)
  • Conversion of all student data from SASIxp to SERCO Facility
  • Installed and maintain system on MS SQL 2005 server running Windows 2003 OS
  • Integrated satellite campus (ISW) on main server using Windows XP Remote Desktop Terminal Services
  • Trained all faculty and staff on the usage of system
  • Implemented electronic attendance and grade reporting using SERCO ePortal
  • Designed Learning tab to maintain student assessment and relevant demographic information and made information readily available on a student and class basis within SERCO ePortal
  • Designed and implemented reports for all grade levels
  • Desgined and implemented reports for 9th Grade Project and 5th Grade Exhibition
  • Provide technical and user support for all aspects of system
  • Designed and implemented data collection screens for grades, test scores and other data recording requirements
- NWEA Levels Testing (Assessment) - NWEA Testing Association
  • Implemented NWEA Levels testing for grades 3 - 8
  • Data transfer to and from NWEA testing systems
  • Planned testing schedule for Upper School 6 - 8 testing session (360 kids, 3 subjects-Reading, Math, Science)
  • Provide reporting on data to parents and school administration
- Rubicon Atlas (**Rubicon Atlas)**
  • Provide technical support and advice on implementation, configuration and storage strategies for curriculum database

Director of Technology, Monfort College of Business 2000 - 2006
- Responsible for collecting and reporting on ETS (Educational Testing Systems) student test results
- Responsible for maintaining customized College database containing statistical information on student population
- Developed methodology for extracting student applicant information from University Admissions system to analyze and target students to improve the quality of business school freshman admits.

Board Member, Colorado Technology In Education 1998 - 2006
- Conference Chair, 2001 & 2003
  • 1100 teacher and administrator attendees
  • Select and recruit presenters for 150+ sessions
  • Innovations: New to TIE Conference session, Exhibitor Evening Gala, automation of presenter application process
  • Positive cash flow both years
  • Collect and schedule the deliver and return donations of 800+ computers, 25 projectors and networking equipment
  • Install equipment at Conference Resort host site
  • Install and configure equipment and software on all computers
  • Manage tech support staff throughout the 4 days of conference

Director of Technology, Montrose County School District 1994 - 2000

- Implementation of FirstClass Communications Server
  • Trained all faculty and staff members on the use of Firstclass system
  • Installed and maintained system on an Apple MAC Server

- SIS Conversion Project McGraw Hill School Systems OSIRIS to NCS (Pearson) SASIxp
  • Conversion of all data middle school and high schools from OSIRIS to NCS (Pearson) SASIxp (Pearson SASIxp)
  • Installed 7 servers
  • Added all Elementary schools on to SASIxp system
  • Implemented consolidated server system rolling up data from all 15 schools to single District Server
  • Trained all faculty and staff on the usage of system
  • Implemented electronic attendance and grade reporting through Classxp to SASIxp

- Customized Financial Management System Conversion and Support

  • Responsible for conversion from 15 digit account code customized system to 29 digit account code customized system
  • Responsible for Electronic Data Transfer of financial and human resource system information from district system to State system (compatability configuation and data integrity assurance)
  • Responsible for implementing distributed budgeting model