My career in educational technology began in 1994 and over my 16 years of leadership and participation, I have been responsible for many successful high profile infrastructure projects:

Frankfurt International School (2010 & 2011):
-Atrium redesign project. The school is working on a project to change a very open limited use space to an interactive technology access, mobile device enabled and flexible meeting space. Pictures will be posted soon. We are discussing furniture vendors, I really like what Steelcase Furniture is doing with furniture/technology integration and "The Third Teacher" concept implementation.

Technology Coordinator Kalahari Education Experience (2007 & 2008)
- Implement satellite Internet connectivity in three schools in Kalahari desert schools of South Africa
BoshengComplete.jpg TeamingUp.jpg

- Provided basic computer and Internet training to teachers and administrators
TchTraining1.jpg TchTraining2.jpg
- Provided and supported teachers in training students to use the Internet and e-mail
StuTraining1.jpg StuTraining2.jpg
- Provided training to technicians on setting up satellite and computers to connect to the Internet
StuTraining3.jpg Jonas6.jpg JonasMoss2.jpg

Director of Technology, Monfort College of Business, 2000 - 2006
- Technology Based Student Practice Room design and installation
- Cybercafe design and installation
- Decision Support Center Facility Upgrade
- Digital Signage (Ticker, Kiosk)
DigitalSignage.jpg DigitalSignage2.jpg
- Website Reconstruction: Flash enabled, framework still functioning today:
- Computer Lab design and installation
- SMART Board and SMART Sympodium Podium implementation project (Projector, SMART Boards, Document Cameras, Computer+Laptop connection)
PodiumRoom.jpg PodiumRoom2.jpg
- Finance Trading Center support

Director of Technology, Montrose County School District 1994 - 2000:
- New School construction (Cottonwood Elementary). Designed technology requirements for all administration offices, classrooms and library. Responsibilities included number and location of all power outlets, network jacks, projection walls and ceiling mounted projection systems.
- Technology Planning at the District and building levels
- Building based LANs (15 schools, 3 administrative buildings, every office and classroom)
- District-wide fiber optic WAN project (connecting all 15 buildings via aerial fiber, bi-directional wireless antennas, T-1 lines). Formed Private/Public partnership with local electric utility (DMEA), City of Montrose and school district with the result of high speed connectivity for all schools for the cost of $1.00 per year payable to the City of Montrose.
- Responsible for submitting applications for district participating in School and Libraries Corporation Universal Service program providing funding to schools for technology projects. Universal Service-SLC